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SelectSpecs Hearing

At SelectSpecs Hearing we offer great value products and cover everyone’s hearing needs, to suit all budgets.

Hearing aid shopping doesn’t have to be confusing.
We’re here to help you understand the value of each product so you can make the right decision for what suits your needs. Use our detailed list of pros and cons on each product to understand each hearing aid’s specifications, without any of the technical jargon.

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About Hearing Aids
The majority of hearing aids you may have seen online before are actually 'amplifiers'. This in basics is an old technological approach.

At SelectSpecs Hearing we feel that the fairest solution is to offer a wider selection of hearing aid technologies such as offering preprogramed hearing aids as well as fully programmable digital hearing aids - our solution is medically proven to have much greater success than any other 'amplifier hearing aid'.

A digital hearing aid that you can purchase privately is generally regarded as expensive, this is in part due to the ability for an audiologist to programme a chosen aid to your hearing specific requirements - well, our online hearing aids work in the same way. Our solution is for those who are thinking about starting their journey to better hearing at the fraction of the cost of your local audiologists solutions or those simply wanting a discreet spare set.

All we need from you is your hearing test results and we programme these hearing aids to your specific requirements. You are then able to adjust the hearing aid yourself with the free smartphone application or by using a remote control (additional cost).

A pre-programmed hearing aid simply works within a range of someone hearing loss. With age related hearing loss we tend to find a loss of hearing in the mid to high frequencies – a pre-programmed hearing aid focuses on amplifying the mid to high tones to match and help a typical age related hearing loss.

Our Hearing Aid Range - A Comparison

Sound Quality

Device In General In Crowds & Groups For TV Rechargeable Features
Austar Cadenza T No
Austar Cadenza C Yes
Signia Motion No
Signia Silk 1Nx No
Signia Silk 3Nx No
Signia Silk 5Nx No

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